We grow and evolve together! 

Vest and Sproutfi join forces to continue building a unique app that will take your investments to the next level. We evolve together to give you the investment platform that accompanies you to achieve your goals. We have listened to you and we come with new products and ideas to offer you a comprehensive environment for your investments.

Who are we and what's going on?

We are Vest and our priority has always been to work so that Latin Americans can benefit from investing in the U.S. stock market with security and ease through our app. And this is a mission we share with Sproutfi.

By joining our operations, we want to continue to help you achieve your goals. So that you have greater freedom to build a better financial present and future.

Together we will continue to be your investment platform to invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs in the United States. A company fully regulated and supported by some of the largest venture capital funds that invest in Fintechs.

What will the migration process be like?

We are consolidating the platforms into one, so we need to migrate your investment account.

We will pass on your entire portfolio

To Northbound
  • All your investment assets (stocks and ETFs).
  • Money available to invest.
  • Assets you had in SmartVest migrate as individual assets and not as an automated portfolio.
  • Your assets and investments will remain in dollars.
From VestFi
  • All your investment assets (stocks and ETFs).
  • The money available to invest.
  • If you have SmartVest the assets will be moved to your main investment account and migrated.

Key points

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